Finding Our Value

If we were to be honest we would have to admit that most often we base our value on appearance.

Our looks, our jobs, our homes, all play a part in whether or not we believe that we’ve arrived at some great destiny. But what happens if/when the things that we place so much value on are lost?
If we’re living, then we’re also aging. It is a normal process in this journey called life and not a matter of if we age but when we age. To be honest, as a woman I’ve struggled with that process and I know that many of you have too. We try to cover the grey in our hair, smooth out the wrinkles on our faces, fight what they call the middle-aged spread and do it all in a way that doesn’t appear like we’re desperately trying to hang onto our youth but that we’re accomplishing it oh so gracefully.

We may work hard in our jobs or careers to arrive at that place of status where we feel so proud and puffed up about what we’ve accomplished, but what happens if our jobs are eliminated? What happens if we’re replaced? What happens if our company shuts down?
And what about our homes? Friends, let’s be real here — what woman hasn’t had a major anxiety attack while trying desperately to clean the entire house in ten minutes after finding out that company is on the way?? Or felt the need to apologize profusely about the appearance of our homes or ourselves after company unexpectedly arrives. We clean and organize, decorate and display.

None of these are bad things. We should take great care of ourselves, and our homes — they are gifts from God. We should work hard, after all, His word says to do all things as if we’re doing them for him.

 Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men. Colossians 3:23

But if we place our value in the things of this world, then we will eventually find ourselves to be greatly disappointed.

We are greatly valued and deeply loved by the One who gave up His very life for us and when we discover our value through Him the things of this world seem to lose their value.

Friends I pray that you look around and see how truly blessed you are but that you look up — to Him — to see how truly valued you are!!

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